The gorgeous and the versatile actor Madhura Naik is currently seen in the role of MoonMoon, a Sri Lankan queen in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. MoonMoon is a beautiful and a talented queen who suffers from multiple personality disorder due to which she forgets her identity every now and then. Here’s a freewheeling chat with her about her character.

1)How does it feel working in Tenali Rama which is a very popular show on Sony SAB?

Tenali Rama is one of the most popular shows on Indian Television and it feels great working in the show. I am making a comeback on television after a break, I was really excited to start shooting and now when I am shooting every day is a new adventure.

2)Describe your character?

Queen MoonMoon is a Srilankan queen who has arrived to Vijaynagar along with her husband Dharampal. MoonMoon is a beautiful and a talented queen who suffers from multiple personality disorder due to which she takes different avatars. MoonMoon a queen with a lot of ambitions and desires is controlled by the king due to her disorder. Queen Moonmoon’s different personalities get triggered which funnily makes her take strange and different avatars.

3)How did you prepare for this role? Was it challenging?

Well MoonMoon is a sweet and a kind queen with a lot of struggles and the queen converses in pure Hindi which has been a little challenging for me. Since it’s a little tough for me to read or converse in Hindi so it’s been a little challenging but otherwise I go with the flow when it comes to my character.

4)Any special memory you would like to share with the viewers?

I have a bunch of mix memories while shooting and one of the recent memory being when I hurt myself during a stunt in the show. Every actor while shooting might have got injured during the shoot and the same happened with me but I continued with work. Other than this I have a good rapport with the other queen and we have a gala time while shooting.

5)What can the audience look forward in the show?

My fans will be watching me on television after a long gap of time and they will be seeing me in a new character and a comic role. This new avatar promises to give extra dose of laughter to all my  viewers.

6)  How is your equation with you co-actors?

My equation with my co-starts is very fabulous. We are more like a family than friends and I share a great rapport with other actors who play queens as well as other cast. We spend a lot of time together during lunch and have great fun throughout the shoot.


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