Zee TV’s latest fiction show, Meet, has made a special place for itself in the audience’s hearts since its premiere. The inspirational show presents the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who mirrors several women across the nation that are fighting societal norms of gender roles regarding work and responsibilities. While the show has already managed to create a sense of awakening amongst the audience, Meet Hooda’s marriage to Meet Ahlawat (Shagun Pandey) left everyone surprised. Ashi and Shagun’s chemistry has also become the talk of the town, however, it is Ashi Singh and Vaishnavi Macdonald’s bond that has taken everyone by surprise.

Vaishnavi Macdonald and Ashi Singh know each other for a very long time as they have worked together earlier, however, their bond has grown a lot since they started working on Meet. In fact, they were really excited when they got to know that they will be playing a mother-daughter role in the show, and we must say that they are setting mother-daughter goals for one and all. Be it chilling together or having food together or making reels together and posting BTS videos during the shoot for Meet, they are inseparable on the sets of the show!

Talking about her bond with Ashi, Vaishnavi mentions, “I was so happy when I came to know that I will be playing Ashi’s mother on the show. Ashi is a really sweet, sensitive and innocent girl and as I have worked with her before, I know what kind of human she is. She handles situations with a lot of maturity, even when she is angry. She never reacts in an aggressive manner. In fact, she knows how to handle people, handle situations without making things ugly. This is a very good quality that she has, and I love that about her. Even though I am much older than her, I have been learning things from her. I have seen her grow as an actor as well and I have this warm, comfort level with her. There is something very spiritual and divine about this bond that we share. I feel the same emotions for Ashi that I feel for my own daughter and that’s something very sweet and helps us play our characters well.”

Ashi also adds, “As we both have worked together earlier as well, we share a beautiful bond. I remember that I always used to go to Vaishnavi Ji to talk about my personal issues and used to feel so positive after talking to her, which really made us very close to each other. She is like my go-to person to talk to as she is a wonderful and experienced woman. When I got to know that she will be playing my mother’s role in Meet, I was so happy, I cannot express it. She is an amazing actor and it’s always so good to work with her. I am missing shooting with her since I have been shooting with the Ahlawat family more these days, but we will be shooting together soon, and I can’t wait for it.”

While Ashi and Vaishnavi are surely giving us some mother-daughter goals, a lot of drama, twists and turns are going to spice up things in Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat’s life.


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